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Personalized Wedding Shoes!

Shopping for wedding day shoes can fall anywhere in the range of bliss to horror. Finding the perfect pair to match your perfect dress that ties in with the overall aesthetic of your wedding and that also fits your personality is a tall order! It can seem like you’re doomed to find only those almost perfect pairs of shoes that are oh so close to what you are looking for, but that are missing that one special touch that you have your heart set on.

Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you to help ease your wedding shoe woes… if you haven’t heard of the local company Khenri yet, you’ll be thanking us in a minute. Keelia Paulsen, the owner and designer will personalize your wedding shoes by hand for you in order to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Each pair is unique. She consults with her clients to get an understanding of exactly what they are looking for before beginning to work on each pair. You can even have her shop for the shoes for you if you like.

Take a look at this pair she customized for a recent bride and then let your imagination go wild on how you would customize your own weddings shoes.

Khenri01 Personalized Wedding Shoes!

Khenri Personalized Wedding Shoes!

Make sure you stop out to visit the Khenri website for more examples of some of the customizations that she has crafted.

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We hope you all had a happy and safe holiday last week. We’re excited to get back in the swing of things as we return from vacation, we’ve got tons of great content coming your way. But, before we say goodbye to the 4th altogether, check out this gorgeous fireworks shot taken over the holiday by HRM Photography. Swoon!

Griffin Spriet HRM Photography HM12277 low Fireworks

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Jonathan Ivy - July 26, 2012 - 3:04 pm

that is a perfect shot! I love it!

Soli Hull - November 12, 2013 - 11:25 am

Firework Display Company offers outdoor and indoor firework displays, pyromusicals, low fog, cryogenic blasters, fire writing, snow, flame and other special effects

Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John

This real Iowa wedding comes to us from talented up and coming Des Moines area photographer, Aly Carroll who had this to say about Ann & John on their wedding day, “John and Ann, along with their family and friends, were a JOY to work with! The way they were so relaxed, optimistic, and selfless was so contagious throughout the day. It has been an honor to work with them and document their most important day together! From the antique, family heirloom brooches that made up her bouquet, to the spiritual & Christ honoring ceremony, this is by far one of my favorite weddings to date!”.

Ann & John chose to hold their ceremony and reception at one of our all-time favorite local vineyards, Summerset Winery. What a gorgeous wedding! Thank you so much Aly for sharing your beautiful work with us. We can’t wait to see more from you this wedding season!

Iowa Wedding01 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding02 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding03 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding04 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding05 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding06 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding07 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding08 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding09 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding10 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding11 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding12 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding13 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding14 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding15 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding16 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding17 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding18 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John
Iowa Wedding19 Real Iowa Wedding | Ann & John

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Aly Carroll - July 3, 2012 - 11:29 pm

Thanks for featuring their wedding!

DIY | Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors

With all of the different treat trends going on these days with weddings, we thought it would be apropos to do a couple of cute little DIY project featuring one of our all-time favorite treats, chocolate chip cookies! Today we’re bringing you cookies in wedding favor form and also as a little milk and cookie shooter. Both projects are SUPER easy to do and are sure to be a crowd pleaser on your wedding day.

Cookie Shooters 

First of all, these are the most adorable little things of all time. They take cookie consumption to the height of sophistication when served up cocktail style.

Cookie Shooters01 DIY | Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors

Secondly, these are the easiest little DIY wedding project you’ll ever encounter! You don’t even have to make the cookies if you’re not so inclined. All you need are shot glasses, milk, cookies, and straws. We simply cut our straws in half to make them fit nicely into our shot glasses, poured shots of milk, and inserted the straws right through the cookie to hold things nicely in place.

Cookie Shooters02 DIY | Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors
Cookie Shooters03 DIY | Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors


Cookie Favors

Our next cookie project is a great way to share one of your favorite cookie recipes with your guests while tickling their taste buds. All you need for this little project are standard CD/DVD envelopes that you can get at any office supply or discount store, striped twine, and a thank you card. Place your cookie recipe on the back of the thank you card and you’re all set. Just remember when you’re packing these up to take to your venue to put a layer of parchment paper between each layer of cookies so that your favors stay nice and neat.

Cookie Favors03 DIY | Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors

You can find striped baker’s twine just about anywhere on the net, but if you want to do it on the cheap you can also make your own with just a ruler and a sharpie. Easy peasy!

2012 06 26 027 DIY | Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors

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Real Engagement Session

We’re just l-o-v-i-n-g this engagement session from Day 7 Photography! It was shot at Jester King Craft Brewery in Austin, TX. and was the perfect mix of rustic, rugged, and classy. Yes..all three of those in one.This couple is just adorable!! What a fun session too.

Engagement 01 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 02 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 03 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 04 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 05 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 06 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 07 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 08 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 09 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 10 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 11 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 12 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 13 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 14 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 15 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 16 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 17 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 18 Real Engagement Session
Engagement 19 Real Engagement Session

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